Curl for a Cause has a history starting back in 2006.  A lot of things have changed since we started.  We are better at doing a lot of things, but “the spirit of helping others” which started it all, continues to be the driving force that urges us on.


Our purpose is to educate curlers, their friends and families about the work of local charities and to support these charities with the funds that we raise. Encouraging philanthropy in our community is an important part of our work.

May 2014



We started in 2006 as Curl For The Cure. In 2012 we officially changed our name because we’ve changed directions and are now focused on helping local charities.

Curl For A Cause has been well received by our community. We started by giving $12,786 to the Canadian Cancer Society.  The second year we split the $16,216 we raised between the Oncology Unit at Groves and the Canadian Cancer Society. The third, fourth and fifth years we gave $27,770, $26,175 and then $30,248 to The Oncology Unit at Groves. Year six saw us changing direction a little and since then we select local charities to which we give the proceeds of the bonspiel.  Look at the chart below to see how things are going.

We have been doing this Bonspiel since 2006 and this is our record so far :

Year 1 : 2006$12,786
Year 2 : 2007$16,216
Year 3 : 2008$27,770
Year 4 : 2009$26,175
Year 5 : 2010$30,248
Year 6 : 2011$31,486
Year 7 : 2012$35,112
Year 8 : 2013$36,867
Year 9 : 2014$37,727
Year 10 : 2015$46,454
Year 11 : 2016$40,167
Year 12 : 2017$45,147
Year 13 : 2018$56,303
Year 14 : 2019$53,472
Year 15 : 2020$26,561

How Do We Raise Funds?

There are seven methods by which we raise funds. 

  • We sell advertisements in our “Event Program” booklet.
  • We sell advertisements in the form of logos which are then printed on the back of T-Shirts, which are given to all curlers.
  • Each curler must raise a minimum of $50.00 (fifty dollars) in pledges for a charity of his/her own choice.
  • We have a silent auction of items which are donated from local businesses and individuals.
  • We have corporate supporters.
  • Each curler pays $10.00 (ten dollars) to participate and any money left after all administration expenses are paid returns to “the pot” for distribution
  • Our online auction was a great success.  It will continue.

What Obligations Do Recipient Charities Have?

  • Each charity must provide a write-up for inclusion in our Event Program. This Event Program is given to all curlers and advertisers.  The intention of these write-ups is to educate and to enlist curlers to support their particular charity.
  • Each Charity must arrange for a representative to provide a “2 minute speech” on the day of the event. This speaker should further educate everyone present about their particular charity, how it works for people in Centre Wellington and be prepared to answer any questions from the group assembled.
  • Each charity is expected to issue charitable receipts, in a timely manner, to everyone who contributed at least $20.00 (twenty dollars) to their cause.
  • Each charity must agree with and sign our RECIPIENT CHARITY AGREEMENT.
  • Our Online Action was a great success starting in 2016.  It will continue.

Our Web Site

We have been fortunate indeed to have a volunteer by the name of George Loney from Loney & Associates info@georgeloney.com.  George has donated his time and talents to build our web site www.curlforacause.ca.  You can access information from it and we urge you to make use of it.  Please check out our valued sponsors, use the links to their web sites and purchase things from them when you can.

Recipient Charities

You will find a descriptive write up about each of these charities in this year’s Event Program and on our web site. The need is great!  We hope these articles increase your awareness and your enthusiasm.  Please use the link provided on our web site to get more information about these charities.  You may support more than one of these groups.

Tax Receipts for Pledge Sheet Donators

Tax receipts will be issued to PLEDGE SHEET DONATORS who give $20 or more.  These receipts will be mailed out to your “Pledgers” by the Charity of your choice.  This is why it is so important that you fill in your Pledge Sheet CLEARLY and COMPLETELY including all postal codes.Please help some “long suffering” secretary by making your printing easy to read.  Thanks!

Tax Relief for Others

Other people who advertise in our EVENT PROGRAM or people who advertise by donating articles to our SILENT AUCTION are able to include these expenses as legitimate operating costs for their Businesses.  Check with your accountant.

Pledge Sheet Points

Your team will have “one” point added to your curling score points for every $100 (or part thereof) on your Pledge Sheet. The following are examples:

$250 of pledges generates 3 points on your score card.
$1,035 of pledges generates 11 points on your score card.

“Win your game before you walk onto the ice!”

Hospitality Bags

Every player will receive a Hospitality Bag as a“party favour” which will contain a number of items, coupons and advertisements that have been given to us by our supporting businesses. We hope that you enjoy them and by all means USE THEM. Special note:   Since these bags all look identical, please DO NOT hang them on the back of your chair and then expect to pick them up at the end of the day.  Please be sensible and tuck them into your gym bag or locker.  Thanks!


THANK YOU, one and all!!


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