The main form that you will need is your pledge sheet. (see below for printing hints)  There is also a print version of the supported charities.

  • PLEASE REMEMBER that you need a separate sheet for EACH DIFFERENT CHARITY that you choose to support.  You can support as many different charities as you wish BUT you must have a separate sheet for each one of them.
  • When you are filling out your pledge sheets remember to completely and clearly print all the required information for every pledge of $20 or more.  A secretary somewhere has to read your Printing so that your valuable donator gets his/her charitable receipt in the mail.
  • Each curler is expected to raise a minimum of $50 in pledges. Your team gets “curling” points and a selected category in the Skills Contest based on your team’s total pledges

How to print the pledge sheet.

The pledge sheet is a pdf document.  To print it, click on the link.  You will need a pdf viewer on your computer (most computers come with one).  When the sheet opens in the view, look for a print icon or select print from the file menu.  Each computer operating system has a different way of accessing the print function so you may have to look around a bit.

If you have problems printing your Pledge Sheets, they are available at the Fergus Curling Club (at the top of the stairs) or contact Bruce at 519.787.0132 or at

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