Recipient Charities

Each October our group receives requests from local charities asking to be included in our next Curl For A Cause event.  Our committee reviews these applications and then determines which six charities we will focus our attention on for the following year.

For 2018 Curl For A Cause will support the following charities:

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Children's Foundation

FEDS (Fergus Elora District Soccer)
Special Needs Soccer Programme

The Food Bank


Women in Crisis


We ask each charity to give us a short write-up about their particular group, what they do and why our curlers should support them.  This is important because individual curlers collect pledges from their friends and family for a specific charity of their choice.   Following are the submissions from individual charities.  They may include a link to their own web site for your convenience if you wish to learn more about their organization.


Big Brothers and Big Sisters

“Dust Off your Broom and Curl for Kids! Imagine who they will become because of you!”

Think about the people you were lucky enough to have in your life, to help shape who you are today.  Was it your parents?  Or a favourite teacher?  Maybe a hockey coach?

Big Brothers Big Sisters takes the luck out of it for children who don’t have those important people in their life and we make sure we are introducing safe and wonderful people into these children’s worlds.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington invites you to support our One to One Match Program for children from 5 to 18 years of age, who would benefit from friendship and support from a positive mentor. It is a match between an adult “Big” and a child “Little”.   It is the kind of match which often starts as a small commitment of time, but grows into a lifelong friendship. Studies show that this mentoring relationship often means lower incidence of drug use, higher employment rates, more community engagement, better grades and more self-confidence.

‘Big/Little’ time together may be weekly or bi-weekly  involving a wide range of activities depending on their interests- baking, sewing, woodworking, watching the ‘Little’ play a sport, shooting hoops, biking, making a craft, going on picnics or helping write a resume……the list is endless!

With donations we may receive from “Curl for a Cause”, BBBSCW could fund more hours spent recruiting, screening, training, and matching mentors with a well deserving child.   It is our goal, to not only match the children on our waiting list, but to create more opportunities for other deserving children in need of a little helping hand and listening ear.

A Little Brother’s comment when asked how he felt about his match now after 6 years of being together,”I am so happy and grateful! My Big Brother feels just like family. We have so much fun and I know he is there for me anytime I need him.”

“My Big Sister is awesome, she has a funny personality, ‘our’ favourite colour is neon green, we both love to talk a lot and we have fun together!”  a Little Sister.  

Thank you for considering Big Brothers Big Sisters.  If you would like more information, please contact Kristen Drexler at 519-787-0106 ext. 223 or email :


Childrens Foundation of Guelph Wellington

Poverty has a significant, life-long impact on children and youth. Those who have access to healthy social and physical environments live much healthier lives. At the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington, we make it possible for all children and youth to have equal opportunities to learn, grow and participate in their community through our four programs.

Adopt-A-Family Program

We match donors with families in need in order to make Christmas shine a little brighter. Families are referred to us by social service agencies that have identified that they are in need. This past Christmas 2,561 children had presents under their tree and 1,163 families received grocery cards for a holiday dinner. This program ensures all children get the chance to create holiday memories, even if their family is in a difficult financial situation.

Food & Friends Program

Over 2,555 children in Centre Wellington arrive at school hungry. When students are provided a healthy breakfast, morning meal, lunch, or snack it results in increased academic performance, decreased negative classroom behaviours, increased social skills, and they learn about healthy eating habits. By bringing healthy food to hungry minds, we help students hunger for knowledge and not food.

Free to Play Program

Play, the arts, and other opportunities for social interaction early on in life can positively impact healthy child development by fostering self- confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. This program provides a grant to low income families so that their children can participate in recreational activities. We were able to fund 96 children from Centre Wellington last year with an average household income of $17,550. This program removes barriers of participation to help children develop emotionally and physically.

Scholarship Program

There is a critical need to support students as they move on from high school to seek post-secondary education. Recipients are identified as someone who has overcome adversity to graduate high school. 17 scholarships were provided to high schools in Guelph and Wellington, and one of those was given out at Centre Wellington District High School. Education is one of the most important factors in helping an individual break the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for helping us to invest in children and young people today to build brighter futures for tomorrow.

87 Waterloo Avenue Guelph, Ontario N1H 3H6 Telephone: 519-826-9551 Fax: 519-766-4870 Website:




FEDS (Fergus Elora District Soccer)

Special Needs Soccer Program

Our local Special Needs Soccer program is the only dedicated soccer program in Ontario for adults (16 – 60 year old) with developmental and/or physical disabilities. The program give the players the opportunity and an environment where they feel comfortable. The players learn basic soccer skills, experience team play, social interaction, friendship, exercise and most important fun. The program is extremely successful and a model for the rest of Ontario and Canada. We would like to use the funds from the” Curl for a Cause” to help us expand our program and share our success with those who wish to build programs similar to what we have in our community.



Contact: Pat Espina –



The Centre Wellington Food Bank

12-105 Queen St. W., Fergus, ON  N1M 1S6  519-787-1401

Your generous support enables the Centre Wellington Food Bank to make a meaningful impact on the lives of over 365 families who rely on our service on a monthly basis. All Curl for a Cause proceeds from the 2018 bonspiel will help us purchase additional grocery items such as meat, dairy and hygiene products that are urgently needed and seldom donated. Also, your donations will help fund up to 40 yearly Food Bank sponsored community dinners that provide a setting for people to come together to enjoy fellowship and partake of a tasty and healthy meal.

Since 2009 the Food Bank has dramatically increased the dollar amount spent on not just the above-mentioned grocery items, but also on fresh healthy alternatives. Since then we have increased our spending on groceries by over 300%. Our food and grocery budget for the coming year is at $30,000. We expect that in 2018 and beyond this dollar amount will keep increasing. This is directly related not just to the continued influx of new clients, but also to the ongoing increase in the cost of food and other grocery items.

Our commercial grade kitchen has been a great and timely asset. This kitchen enables the Food Bank to prepare locally sourced, healthy meals for our members. As well, we continue to offer cooking classes for those interested. The focus of these two initiatives is to help our members improve their basic food preparation skills and gain an understanding of the importance of healthy nutrition, which we know can lead towards an improvement in the health of individuals.

Our focus on education, nutritious food and helping our members develop positive life skills has been noticed by Food Banks Canada and the Ontario Association of Food Banks as being "the most significant direction of food bank priorities in Canada since the startup of food banks in the early 1980s,” and our Food Bank has been credited for that.

With the increased number of people we currently assist and the new initiatives taken, coupled with the rising operating costs, we are forever grateful for your support.

Food Bank Website:



Kids Ability

About KidsAbility

Community support assists KidsAbility in providing high quality life-changing services and programs that empower children and youth with special needs. That investment makes it possible for more children in our community to receive early and timely intervention and creates opportunities for them to gain independence.

Thank you for your condence in and support of our work with children with physical and developmental disabilities. Thanks to your generosity many children in our community are receiving the support they need today so that they can reach their full potential tomorrow. For more information about KidsAbility please visit our website at

Your donation continues to have a huge impact!

These are just some of the ways:

Improving the quality of life for children who have diculty moving so that they can increase their mobility, become more active – and, in some cases, even learn to walk.
      Occupational Therapy:
Helping children to perform daily activities (feeding themselves, drawing with a crayon, brushing their teeth) so they can become more independent.
Speech Therapy:
Giving a voice to those children who have diculty interacting with others, struggle with speech or cannot talk at all.
Providing programs that help children and youth learn essential life skills so they can be successful at school and in the community.


Charmaine Brown
Development Officer | 519.886.8886 x1350


Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

Rural Women's Support Program

Help women transform their lives

Every day at WIC brings a new story of transformation; another woman escaping abuse; gaining confidence, safety and freedom.

Out in the county, rural isolation presents its own set of challenges.

One woman came to us fleeing her home where she was being held against her will. She managed to escape through a bathroom window and arrived at our offices in her bare feet. RWSP supported her, with reporting to the police, safety planning, priority housing, family court and temporary shelter.

Every year the RWSP program serves over 300 women ranging in age from 16 to 92. Your contributions enable us to provide excellence in service to the many courageous women who seek our help.

Your sponsorship helps support counselling groups and workshops at our Fergus office. Our themed workshops offered to women are: Impact of Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships, Boundaries, Guilt and Shame, Resentment and Anger, Non-verbal communication, Identifying Emotions and Grounding, Self- Care and Self Help. Your support will also enable us to provide theme specific handouts, visual materials and refreshments during friendship time.

This year your support will also go towards providing an event on March 8th for women who are survivors of abuse in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Curl for a Cause’s support has been crucial to our ability to continue delivering counselling groups and themed workshops that educate and help women transform their lives.

For more info contact:

Jacinta Gillen, RWSP Manager

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